Sunday, February 18, 2007

More ginger. Every day, man. Then I eat it.

This one's got my Doonesbury action figure. I'm going for a gutter punk with a fan mounted on his back. The other half of the page is from a photograph.


Nate said...

What the hell is a Doonesbury action figure?

Chris said...

Mmmmm....well, I just made that up. If you click on the image with the figure, maybe you'll see this when it's a little larger. Basically, I drew this and then thought, what a weird pose. He looks kinda like Snowboarder Luke Skywalker or something, in plastic, by Kenner. He's always in that action pose with the elbows bent and right hand permanently clutch-ready for that laser pistol he came with that you lost about 10 minutes after you opened the package.
The other part is the look of the eyes and nose, which reminded me of Doonesbury, how everyone's drawn with the heavy black around their eyes, as though the whole cast of characters was being played by a bunch of Spanish women.
Or, y'know, maybe it's just me and you don't see it at all. I wasn't thinking about it this hard when I drew it, after all.