Monday, March 30, 2009

Rusty Love At the Repair Shack

Another submission, up for voting on Threadless:

The Artist kindly requests your assistance. You know the drill? Scroll to the bottom of this post. If not, read on:

Here's the deal: I need people to click the button below and vote. You'll have to set up a login, if you've never been on the site, but it's pretty quick. Once you're logged in, on the page where my design's showing, you can click the boxes, "I'd buy this as a tee" or " a print." Then click a number for the score (I would suggest "5," which is the highest score).

SO, If you'd be so kind, please click the button below, log in, and give me a nice, high score.

RIGHT NOW, please, before you forget.


My Submission

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