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Missed Connection Comic

Click on the images so you can actually read them:

Well, there was this thing I read about where you could do a one or two page comic about a missed connections ad on Craigslist. I blew the deadline, but finished it anyway. And another one. And I think I'll try a few more.

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Figure Drawing

It's been a while since I put any of these up. I've gotten into a routine where I go to figure drawing sessions about three times a week at various places downtown. Here are some examples from the past month:

First, the short poses (most 2-10 minutes, the darkest is a 15 minute pose):

Everything's done with charcoal pencils of varying hardnesses and brands (I keep trying out new ones) on smooth newsprint. What I've been trying to do lately is to figure out how to use tones to bring out the forms. It's been kinda hard going.

Here are the longer poses, about 30 minutes:

Sunday, July 29, 2007

Fly On By

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Animal Sketching in a Sunny Daze

Well, I started the day with this new pen (a Pilot Hi-Tec-C) from my friend, Robert Blake (who draws and paints quite well... hire him for something, already). We headed up into the hills above downtown and wandered around the zoo all day, sketching animals that wouldn't sit still.

Get off the trunk:

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Fat Line Soup

Well, I did this one as I was zoning out at my table at the Olympia Comics Fest.

Wednesday, June 06, 2007

My cooped-up cosmonaut

Haven't put anything up in a week. Company and the new little book I'm trying to finish before I go to Olympia on Saturday. Here's the main dude, clipped from the cover:

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