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Kamaal the Abstract

I'm on break from Gage right now, and I haven't posted anything in a while. So here's some messing around I've been doing. I don't know much about painting or putting things together, color-wise, but here you go.

I was looking through the magazine rack at a Barnes & Noble in downtown Seattle and I saw a picture of Q-tip on the cover of some music magazine I hadn't heard of. So I picked it up. Q-tip was an MC in A Tribe Called Quest, whose first album I picked up the summer after my first year of college. I listened to it on the bus a lot, riding through Minneapolis. Great band, great records.

Q-tip released a couple of solo albums, and I heard a song off the last one driving around in LA -- I guess the album's supposed to be called "Abstractionisms" or "Kamaal the Abstract," but it was never actually released for sale. A bunch of promo copies went out to DJs, though, so the record's been floating around for a while. Killer album, sort of an arty '70's funk, with Q-tip as a band leader and songs that make you think of Roy Ayers and Miles Davis ("On the Corner" or thereabouts). I've been listening to it a lot while I've been drawing casts and nudes at Gage.

So, for the sake of memories and good music, I got to drawing from the photos of Q-tip from this magazine I picked up -- Filter? They're done with different inks and gouache and colored pencil and pastel, and even if they don't totally work (and even if Mr. Q-tip doesn't look so healthy when he's yellow), they look kinda interesting.

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Friday, February 22, 2008

Zombie Missed Connection

I forgot to take pictures of my school stuff before I headed home this weekend, so instead, I'll post this second take on a Missed Connections ad that I finished in November.

Sunday, February 10, 2008

Progress Report

OK. So now I'm commuting back and forth to Seattle to attend the Gage Academy of Art. It's cool. Half of what I do there is academic, like these:

The other half is my own stuff, and it's been like these so far: