Tuesday, January 09, 2007

Oh boy. The temperature's dropping and I just started reading Pale Fire by Nabokov. It seems boring already, five pages in, but what the hell. Moby Dick was pretty damn boring for the first few pages too, and that turned out to be a great book. Moby Dick was, like, the end of my summer and the whole wigged out move up to Portland. I still love thinking bout the scene when the little whale boat gets towed into the center of this massive pod of whales, where the whalers are all just sort of quiet and tripped out and there are babies and mothers giving birth and couples mating in this whole spiral that goes deeper and deeper into the clear water. All of this sort of calm that could be, and a little boat full of a bunch of stinky guys with spears.

Anyway. Listening to Radio Citizen. Tonight, page 1 and 2 of the snowman zine, but without the narration. Hello to everybody, hello to nobody. I'm so glad this little story's finally coming together.

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