Tuesday, January 16, 2007

Okay, then. It snows in Portland. Apparently, it's supposed to fall from the sky and melt right away, but it's still here. So here's a couple of pictures from this evening when I went for a run by the river when the sun was about to set. Snow's a pain in the ass, but it glows really nicely when the lights go down.

Let me take little knock-on-wood moment of thanks to remember that some dude's car slid into mine when I was spinning my wheels trying to start from an incline at an icy intersection. He was only sliding at about 2 miles per hour, and while it did suck to watch him gliding in slow, slow motion, thinking, "yeah, he really is going to hit me and all I can do is sit here and watch," there was no damage and no big deal. So I took a look, waved him off "it's cool," and went home.

Other than that, I'm listening to Beach House right now, which some reviewer said is supposed to remind me of driving down the Southern California coast, but really, it just reminds me of sitting around listening to all that 4AD stuff and getting drunk at night in college in Minneapolis in the middle of winter.

And Heidi says I should write about the neighbor kids who built a snow fort on one of the streetcorners outside and then started dancing to some hip-hop song they were playing on a boom box. "Do the Walk" -- something like that. Maybe not. I don't remember. I should've got a picture.

Another page, too. Still brushing the ink on.

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